• Reduce Energy Usage and Costs by 15 – 25%

    Verisae users move from cost containment to cost reduction, helping their organizations use less energy and save millions

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  • Gain Visibility and Control around Facility Operations

    Manage the full lifecycle of physical assets and facilities including equipment procurement and parts and inventory tracking

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  • Automate Processes and Improve Bottom Line Profits

    Reduce overall equipment alarm volume and quickly prioritize alarms with the greatest potential business impact

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  • Enhance Data Accuracy and Auditability

    Bring disciplined execution to your emissions, water, waste, and refrigerant gas management initiatives

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Verisae Acquires WorkOasis

Verisae Acquires Hara

A Cloud-based Software Company

Integrated SaaS platform solutions to lower facility spend and improve sustainability

With Verisae, multi-site organizations can automate operations to save up to 35% on energy, maintenance, and sustainability management costs across dozens or thousands of locations worldwide.

Find out how Verisae can help your company change the way it collects, analyzes, interprets, and acts on data.

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See how Sobeys, a Canadian company with more than 100 years in the food business, uses Verisae's software solutions to improve the way they manage maintenance and repairs. Verisae focuses on improving the quality of Sobeys data, reducing administration for their stores, and strengthening relationships with vendors.