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Expert Opinions

What you need to know about emerging sustainability topics essential to your business and your bottom line. Brought to you by the thought leaders across Verisae, Inc. Verisae solutions are optimized to meet the unique needs of distributed enterprises with site, equipment, and assets spanning the globe. We defines enterprise sustainability as the ability to take action against energy, carbon, operations, water, and waste management initiatives with enhanced control and confidence.


Beyond Surveys & Equipment Tracking by Spreadsheets

Equipment return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TOC) is a critical measurement, yet all too often we take a very poor approach to the science of gathering all the data needed to make our assessment.    Read Opinion


Beyond Energy Management by Spreadsheet

Energy management requires efficient data measurement. Spreadsheets are a static medium and they do not provide the level of data control and management required. To enable ultimate energy efficiency, real-time, actionable data must be available.    Read Opinion


Carbon Emissions Reporting

The complex requirements of thorough carbon analysis make reliance on a typical spreadsheet approach to data gathering truly painful. Understanding the crawl, walk, run approach to emissions management.    Read Opinion


Driving Energy Efficiency

An archaic, insecure, and vulnerable energy delivery systems fraught with risk and complexity, is enough to give the majority of those in charge the late night sweats. Some companies are just beginning to explore a 21st century solutions.    Read Opinion


Sustainability Journey Insights

The Sustainability Journey - An organization really needs to understand where you’ve been, how you’re trending, and where you’re expect to be in as close to real-time as possible across the core of sustainability; energy, emissions, operations, waste, and water management    Read Opinion


Carbon Footprint of New Buildings

Currently, most attention in green buildings is focused on reducing the emissions of operating a building because of the long life and thus cumulative impact associated with energy, waste, and other materials used during a building’s 50-100 year lifetime.    Read Opinion


Greening the Supply Chain

Greening the supply chain is rapidly becoming a business imperative for the supplier and customer alike. As companies define and execute sustainability strategies within their own boundaries, they are finding that actively sharing this information within the supply chain creates new sources of value.    Read Opinion


Time-Based Energy Cost Management

Did you know that the price for producing electricity fluctuates on a minute-by-minute basis? Changes in prices generally reflect variations in electricity demand, availability of different generation sources, fuel costs, and plant availability.    Read Opinion


Time-Based Environmental Cost Management

Environmental reporting must be backed by quantifiable data. For managers who compete in these environments and are responsible for oversight of emissions, water, and waste, information delays can cost millions of dollars in lost time or lost opportunity.    Read Opinion


Time-Based Asset Cost Management

Today’s “lean manufacturing” processes were rooted in better maintenance practices of the 1950’s. Today, asset management, or the management of the Total Cost of Ownership of a device through its life, is more important now than it ever has been.   Read Opinion