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Enterprise Refrigerant Gas Management and Tracking

Verisae’s Refrigerants & Fugitive Emissions Manager was designed to make managing refrigerants simple and easy, especially considering the environmental risks and governmental tracking requirements. Organizations with hundreds or thousands of systems in multiple locations can manage legal compliance and reduce costs using Verisae solutions.

Verisae’s Refrigerant Management solution delivers:

  • Refrigerant Leak Tracking,
  • Refrigerant Gas Inventory Management,
  • EPA Leak Rate Calculations,
  • U.S. Clean Air Act Compliance, and
  • Refrigerant Leak Tracking by System.

A typical 100-store supermarket chain operates with 400,000 lbs. of refrigerant within their refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Assuming an average cost of $6 per lb., this equates to a $2.4 million asset. An average annual leak rate of 25% (many supermarket chains are higher) results in $720,000 of refrigerant replacements each year. Reducing the leak rate by only 5% saves $240,000 annually.