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We Help Organizations Reduce Energy and Maintenance Costs

Verisae’s solutions lower an organization’s operating costs of managing various types of commercial buildings. Implementing Verisae's solutions will reduce the amount of energy, water, or material resources an organization consumes, while also limiting the environmental impact of operations.

Verisae is a proven leader in its field, particularly for retailers. Verdandix, an established organization of industry analysts in the United Kingdom, rated Verisae as one of the top four vendors in the world for Enterprise Energy Management systems in its December 2011 report. Verisae has implemented solution-based technology with about 60 customers.


Grocery and Food Retailers

describe the imageDiscover how to reduce energy and maintenance costs if you work for a chain retailer that operates grocery, drug, or convenience stores and your company is a heavy user of refrigeration systems.    Learn More

Specialty Retailers

describe the imageUnderstand how to eliminate expenses and improve maintenance processes if you work for a big-box retailer that sells specialty items or hard goods, or if your company is a mass merchant, a discount chain, or a department store chain.    Learn More

Food Service

aby food iconLearn how to remove energy and maintenance costs if you work for a business, institution, or company responsible for meal preparation such as quick service restaurants.    Learn More

Facility and Equipment Managers

aby facility iconSee how to reduce maintenance cost by 2 to 15% if you are responsible for facility and equipment maintenance and your organization spends more than $1 million a year on maintenance and repairs across multiple sites.    Learn More

Finance Executives

aby finance iconSee how to support your company’s energy and maintenance teams to reduce general and administrative costs in the range of 2 to 15% each. You can also reduce financial and regulatory risk related to the use of energy and refrigerant gases.   Learn More

Technology Officers

aby technology iconLearn how to help your colleagues who work in energy, maintenance, and sustainability avoid regrets about their choice of systems and technologies. The era of big, expensive software implementations slows - thanks to the growing use of SaaS platforms.   Learn More

Consultants and Contractors

aby consultant iconSee know the Excel spreadsheet approach to Enterprise Emissions Management is not sustainable. The potential to create financial returns using automated, enterprise energy, carbon, and asset management services is substantial in the hands of experts.   Learn More