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Managers of Commercial Buildings

Verisae serves organizations with multiple facilities and pieces of equipment to manage across large geographic footprints. Our solutions lower a company's overall operating costs of managing its commercial buildings. We help your company become the most sustainable organization in the World by reducing the amount of energy, water or material resources it consumes and by limiting the environmental impacts of its operations. Save time by going directly to information that is most relevant to your needs and interests. Please select the links below that best describe your job function.


Energy Managers

See how to reduce energy cost by 2% to 15% if you supervise people who manage energy on the demand side (consumption) or the buy side (procurement).   Learn more

Facility Managers

See how to reduce maintenance cost by 2% to 15% if you’re responsible for facility and equipment maintenance and your organization spends more than $1 million each year on maintenance and repairs across multiple sites.    Learn more

Finance Executives

See how to support your energy and maintenance teams to reduce general and administrative costs in the range of 2% to 15% each. You can also reduce financial and regulatory risk related to the use of energy and refrigerant gases.   Learn more

Technology Officers

See how to help your colleagues in energy, maintenance and sustainability avoid regrets about their choice of systems and technologies. The era of big, expensive software implementations slows - thanks to the growing use of SaaS platforms.   Learn more

Consultants and Contractors

See how the Excel spreadsheet approach to enterprise emissions management is not sustainable. The potential to create financial returns using automated, enterprise energy, carbon, and asset management services is substantial in the hands of experts.   Learn more