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Energy Managers 

Get the Tools and Insights Needed to Reduce Energy Costs

Verisae’s solutions-based technology offers proven return on investment by reducing your company’s energy costs by 2% – 15%. If your company's energy consumption is too complex to manage on spreadsheets, you will optimize the benefits of Verisae’s solutions.

Software: Enterprise energy management software enables an organization to operate across multiple sites, and even across national borders, currencies and languages.

  • Achieve at least 99.8% accuracy in capturing all of the data from your invoices using Verisae’s technology to handle the administration and payment of utility bills.
  • Verisae's single database stores details about a company’s assets, equipment and maintenance activities. This allows you to review maintenance and repair records to determine how individual service calls may have affected energy performance at a specific location.
  • Measure and document the results of efficiency projects, including the return of investment.
  • Verisae’s software efficiently gathers and reports on carbon emissions.

Hardware: Verisae’s hardware is used to meter, monitor, control and track energy use in real time.

  • Our solutions save you time by automatically sorting through massive amounts of data and alerting you by phone, text message or email when your sites are using unexpected amounts of energy. It recommends specific solutions and notifies you how much money you would save by doing so.

Professional Services: Verisae reviews current energy management processes and procedures to identify areas of improvement.

  • Our services provide an analysis of utility rate and rebate opportunities across all of a company's locations to identify additional ways to save money.