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Facility and Equipment Managers

Get the Tools and Insights You Need to Reduce Maintenance and Repair Costs

Verisae’s solutions-based technology provides proven return on investment by reducing your company’s maintenance and repair costs by 2 – 15%. If your processes are too complex to manage on spreadsheets, your company will optimize the benefits of Verisae’s solutions.

Software: Manage maintenance and repairs efficiently by operating across multiple sites, even across national borders, currencies and languages.

  • Automate work processes for all of your maintenance operations. You will improve the efficiency of call centers, work order creation, dispatching of internal and external service providers, completed work reports and invoice processing.
  •  Our single database stores details about your company’s buildings and equipment, allowing you to easily review key details of all assets at any specific location.
  • Evaluate the performance of service providers through comprehensive benchmarking and reporting to ensure they are complying with the terms of their service agreements. Only paying for the time your service providers actually spend at a work site will help cut costs.
  • Access the Verisae system from any computer, tablet device or smartphone that has a web browser.

Hardware: Verisae’s hardware is used to meter, monitor and control the status of key assets in real time.

  • Our solutions save you time by automatically sorting through massive amounts of data and alerting you by phone, text message or email when a key asset is malfunctioning. It recommends specific solutions and notifies you how much money you would save by doing so.

Professional Services: Verisae reviews maintenance processes to identify areas for further efficiency.

  • Our services team surveys and tags equipment across all of your locations to help you avoid paying unnecessary fees for services and parts on equipment that are under warranty.