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Technology Officers

Provide Value by Reducing Risk in Five Key Areas

1.  Ensure Technology “Openness”

Verisae’s technologies are 100% open systems. We use secure, standard Internet protocols.

2.  Anticipate Integration Needs

Verisae’s comprehensive solutions help you to manage data from thousands of intelligent meters, monitors and controllers in multiple sites across operations and analyze them on a single, fully integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology platform.

3.  Plan for Scalability

Understanding the implications of data models and warehouse architecture, data storage and processing capacity, business processes and staffing will enhance your operational efficiency in the future. As your company grows, consider your technology capabilities as you add new physical sites, possibly in new countries with different languages, currencies and regulatory environments. Verisae’s software and technology is designed to scale to meet the future needs of your company.

4.  Avoid Risky Implementations

Realized value in SaaS-enabled technology applications is on the rise. Verisae’s customers experience little disruption and business risk with our simple, quick and competitively priced SaaS implementations.

5.  Accurately Estimate Initial and Recurring Costs

With subscriptions, our customers avoid any expensive initial payment and staffing requirements. Verisae’s subscriptions reduce financial risk because it is easy to pilot the SaaS systems and efficient to remove recurring fees. You can prove results before committing to a complete license fee.