Asset Management


Informed decisions about repairing, replacing, or retiring equipment.

To ensure performance is optimized and productivity is maximized, you need to correlate information about equipment performance. An accurate asset management solution enhances your return on investment and enables your organization to make informed decisions about repairing, replacing, or retiring equipment.

vx Maintain enables asset tracking at each site throughout the entire equipment lifecycle, so you can track attributes such as asset type, model number, serial number, and warranty information. You can also monitor inspection and service dates, and review detailed repair history.

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With vx Maintain, you can:

  • Manage individual assets and related warranties
  • Manage a complete asset lifecycle through a paperless environment
  • Track asset costs, purchase prices, and maintenance thresholds
  • Reveal a true cost of equipment ownership
  • Maintain accurate asset registers for facilities, including straight line depreciation
  • Measure and monitor reactive and planned preventative maintenance
  • Manage expense budgets related to maintaining facilities
  • Integrate and manage your service provider network
  • Send alerts when tolerances are exceeded

The vx Maintain value:

  • Use asset lifecycle tracking information to evaluate the total cost of ownership and improve procurement, budget accuracy, upgrades, and service decisions
  • Anticipate preventative and condition-based maintenance needs and equipment uptime
  • Reduce billable labor from service providers by capturing clock-in and clock-out times on site
  • Understand whether to repair or replace an asset
  • Capture unrealized warranties
  • Reduce expense budgets by 8%-15% over time
  • Improve equipment uptime
  • Lower total cost of ownership of equipment
  • Negotiate better service contracts
  • Optimize your service provider network
  • Control spend and budget overruns in real time

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