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Fixed Asset Tracking Software


Getting the Extra Edge with Fixed Asset Tracking Software

As competition increases and opportunities become scarcer there is more pressure to find that extra "edge." The production or delivery process might be fine tuned, to the point that there are seemingly no options for further improvement.

All available opportunities have been investigated and the sales force is fully engaged in carving out the company’s position in the marketplace. In these ultracompetitive times, it is important to go back to basics and analyze all internal procedures carefully, as there are surely areas for improvement.

Unless management is absolutely sure of its measurement and tracking abilities, throughout the operation, then it cannot be sure that it is operating companywide at peak efficiency. These days every penny counts and organizations must be sure that they are getting more value from their assets and equipment.

If management of complex assets is poor, the negative effects can be expansive. Without cutting edge, fixed asset tracking software, organizations risk a variety of problems.

The procurement of a fixed asset represents a significant risk in itself and is the subject of much debate prior to the decision being made. Will the asset provide the expected return on investment? Will management be able to decipher the actual total cost of ownership in real terms? To provide a more effective answer to these questions, smart organizations employ fixed asset tracking software to reveal these metrics.

Asset tracking has to be an integral part of operations management. In the typically complex organization thousands of assets can be engaged on a daily basis. If overall productivity is to be maximized, each asset requires individual management.

Yet, many companies are essentially operating in the dark as they do not have up-to-date and informative feedback. If they employed fixed asset tracking software, the team would be able to calculate important metrics like energy consumption, maintenance and operational costs, carbon emissions and productivity per asset.

Deploying Fixed Asset tracking Software

Once fixed asset tracking software is deployed, assets tagged and a comprehensive survey of the facility complete, real control begins. When was the last time your organization conducted a comprehensive asset survey?

Chances are it has been a piecemeal operation at best, with information stored in various formats, without order or reason. It might be time to take a look at current practices and consider making a change.

If information represents power, then poorly gathered information or incomplete data will leave organizations in a more vulnerable position than if they had no data at all. Through the use of fixed asset tracking software organizations can not only reveal the true cost of operations, but can be better prepared for unexpected eventualities, predictable failures and the management of their resources.

Comprehensive Register Through a Fixed Asset Tracking Software

By tagging and allocating a unique barcode to each and every asset and creating a truly comprehensive register, organizations can create the groundwork for a fixed asset tracking software system that pays for itself over and again.

Asset management must go hand-in-hand with energy management to help drive up efficiency and drive down operating costs as much as possible. Fixed asset tracking software provides the necessary technological and communicative backup to help achieve these goals.



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