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Advanced Water Management


Large Organizations Will Soon Be Measuring and Managing Water "To The Last Drop"

The rationale behind water planning and management has, for the longest time, been based on the premise that the resource would be around in similar abundant quantities forever. The water supply systems that we see all around us were designed specifically with this assumption in mind.

Human generated climate change is likely to alter that way of thinking as we're now coming to the swift realization that our actions over the last few hundred years have caused considerable and potentially catastrophic damage to our natural environment.

Advanced Water Management Programs
These must begin with research. Water usage must be measured “down to the last drop.” Enterprise-wide and facility-based water consumption must be accurately gauged using reports, meters and software analysis.

It is no longer okay to accept a status quo in terms of the impact that the human race has on the planet as a whole, as we begin to understand the implications of climate change on our water needs.

We rely on water for virtually every aspect of our existence and we are very water intensive. Over the centuries we have built up a complex water related infrastructure which, at today's rates, would be considered extremely expensive to design and build.

Our technologies and discoveries have enabled us to treat natural sources of water so that they may be delivered to us efficiently and safely without the threat of diseases. Our commercial and industrial facilities utilize copious amounts of water as part of their essential processes.

Advanced Water Management Policies as Important as Positive Cash Flow

Global climate change is likely to alter the hydrologic cycle and significantly affect the availability of fresh water resources in many of the world's regions. While a majority consensus insists that actions are put in place to decrease our carbon emissions and reduce the threat posed by global warming, there is considerable uncertainty surrounding the likely net effect to our environment.

Enterprise water managers must completely re-examine their rules and procedures, all elements of engineering design and how water affects every aspect of their business. Advanced water management policies will be called for and the system must be devised to allow complete flexibility in the future due to the inherent uncertainties of our position.

We should no longer focus on the construction of larger and more expensive infrastructure projects but should focus on demand management. This represents a fundamental shift in the way that we approach the use and development of this precious resource.

Developing a Strategic Plan Around Water Management Becoming Ever More Critical

With immediate effect, processes that are judged to use excessive amounts of water should be reassessed and capital purchases considered, even though they may seem outwardly excessive. Conservation should become as important a corporate mindset as the financial bottom line.

In the future, corporations may expect to appoint advanced water management officials who in turn may expect to interact with climatologists and hydrologists as we explore ways to more efficiently use and recycle the base commodity of water.



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