Case Studies

  • XO Communications - From Optimization to Performance Management
    Performance is about more than just hitting a number. It's also about how your organization is hitting that number. For XO Communications, performance management is a next step in holding technicians accountable and helping manage the upstream business. Read more.


  • Alarms Management Extends Global Retailer’s Advantage
    How one of the largest and fastest growing grocery retailers in the world has integrated their operational systems with Verisae’s Remote Monitoring solution, resulting in lower costs, reduced product loss, better equipment uptime, and exceptional product quality. Read more.


  • Automate Facility Maintenance: 5 Lessons Learned to Avoid the Pitfalls and Accelerate ROI
    Managing facilities maintenance for a multi-site retail chain is a daily challenge, particularly when you have outdated manual systems and are in the middle of an aggressive store expansion. Where do you find the time to implement new technologies that are essential to long-term growth? How a 170-store retail grocer took on this challenge. Read more.


  • EmiTel - Introducing Field Mobility and Reducing Operational Costs
    The challenge was introducing and implementing a system that affects more than 60% of the company within 7 months. EmiTel reduced the number of field technicians by more than 40% and the number of dispatchers by 45%. Read more.


  • Facing the Future Head-On
    How Lunds & Byerly’s, an efficient 22-store grocery retailer, cut energy cost by 10% with the use of meters, monitors and controllers. Discover a proven, but rarely used way for chain retailers to save money through better energy management. Read more.


  • Fresh & Easy Kicks the Competition
    Despite using more refrigeration per square foot of store space, Fresh & Easy achieves 30% better energy efficiency 30% than their peers in the U.S. grocery industry. Read more.


  • A New Perspective for U.S. Grocery Retail
    Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets, one of the best in the grocery business, teaches the lessons they learned from Verisae in energy and maintenance management. Fresh & Easy’s accurate, reliable data now allows them to track emissions at an asset level, manage refrigerants, and maintain their goals for long-term sustainability. Read more.


  • Vectren Energizes Its Field Service Performance
    The principal challenge was to find a mobile workforce solution that would help Vectren standardize processes, reduce costs, improve resource allocation, and improve customer service and satisfaction. Management was determined to find a compatible solution suite that would seamlessly integrate with - and complement - its existing CIS and mobile systems. Read more.


  • Refrigerant Gas Management Benchmarks
    Verisae makes refrigerant regulatory compliance simpler and more effective. It can be configured to match the tracking and reporting requirements for any location. Verisae’s Compliance Management solution facilitates the reduction of refrigerant usage because managers can watch their refrigerant-related activities in real time and prevent issues before they become expensive problems. Read more.


  • Tesco PLC Asset Management Implementation
    Tesco has leveraged Verisae’s Asset Management solution across wide geographic and language disparities from the United Kingdom to Thailand, resulting in a faster and more accurate reporting of outstanding work and completion of electronic invoices. Read more.


  • FMI’s Carbon Calculator Success
    The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) asked Verisae to consult and provide a simplified version of the Carbon Emissions Manager, which provides companies with real time carbon footprint reporting across a distributed enterprise. Read more.




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