Control, Workflow and Analysis


Utilize the intelligence derived from equipment alarm data.

Whether you manage internal or external call centers, usually the only option for remote alarms processing is a phone call to notify you of an alarm. And, typically, these call centers can only address a fraction of the critical alarms produced. This manual process requires processing time and considerable effort, causing service delays which may result in product loss or equipment failure.

It’s critical for you to apply a greater level of management and control to alarms processing. With process automation and technology, you can provide more effective communication about the alarms that matter and reduce overall costs.

With vx Observe, you determine the degree of human involvement, even to the point of dispatching service personnel with no human intervention. Dashboards display the business impact – from energy usage and product loss to productivity and sales.

vx Observe automates many workflow steps and improves equipment uptime by automatically triggering the creation of work orders and dispatching service technicians directly from the intelligence derived from equipment alarm data.

Alarms Management: The Future Is Now

Automating maintenance, energy and alarms management for smarter decisions, lower costs and competitive advantage.

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The vx Observe value:

  • Reduce or eliminate processing time and effort
  • Improve service response and equipment uptime
  • Minimize investigation and increase efficiency
  • Reduce loss and expenses

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