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Energy Information System
Solution Overview 

How to Reduce Energy Consumption, Improve Efficiency, and
Reduce Energy Cost in Large, Complex Organizations by 2% to 15%

Has your organization been managing energy for more than five years? If so, then you’ve already done most of the projects that yield big gains with fast payback and a relatively low investment. Now it’s time for the next step. The bigger your organization, the bigger your challenges, and the greater your opportunities. So, let’s get started. 

energy management graphic v3 resized 600Verisae's Energy Information System (EIS) overview details where to get started and how to drive the greatest value for your efforts. To explore further, access any of the pages presented to the right. 

Where will you find your best opportunities?

Most of the easy and obvious options are behind you. Your next round of new efficiencies will have to come from sources other than lighting retrofits and thermostat adjustments. You must now look into the interrelationships between the following management practices:

Additional savings of 2 to 15% may be within your reach, provided you have solid data that tells you where to find your problems and points to actionable ways to correct them.

What is Verisae’s energy management point of view?

  • People, processes, and technology management matter.
  • Energy master data management reveals opportunity.
  • Enterprise-wide visibility, management, and control is hard.

If you’re responsible for managing energy in a large, complex organization, the following resource speaks directly to the opportunities and challenges that may be preventing you from seizing greater returns.