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Goal: To Conserve More Energy

Verisae’s software and services help you conserve energy in four primary ways:

  • By generating more accurate and more granular energy-use data.
  • By collecting and reporting your energy-use data.
  • By analyzing your data to gain new insights.
  • By managing your energy-consuming assets for lower cost and higher efficiency.

The following sections provide more information on each.

Drive greater accuracy of your energy-use data.

  • See historical and real-time energy use at intervals as short as 15 seconds.
  • Track the energy consumption of specific equipment, appliances or other assets at each facility.
  • Reduce the cost of metering and sub-metering by 50% to 60%, enabling you to collect data from more points at the same or lower cost.

Collect and report energy-use data.

  • Get a comprehensive view of energy use and cost across all your facilities.
  • Automate the collection of data from remote energy meters.
  • Capture valuable energy data from your utility bills.
  • Quickly, accurately and efficiently aggregate energy-use data from widely dispersed sites.
  • Benchmark the performance of each of your facilities against such factors as the utility companies they use, the amount of energy they consume, and the way they manage their assets.

Analyze energy-use data to gain new insights.

  • Graph energy use for one or more facilities during selected time periods.
  • Prepare ad hoc reports to test your hypotheses about possible correlations, causes and effects.
  • Evaluate data for opportunities to reduce consumption through process improvements.

Manage energy-consuming assets for lower cost and higher efficiency.

  • See the energy-related characteristics of individual pieces of equipment at your sites (for example, horsepower, tonnage, BTU ratings, RPMs, amperage, wattage, voltage, etc.).
  • Evaluate the energy-related operating cost of individual assets to make better decisions of when to repair or replace.
  • Automatically commission maintenance work when the energy performance of individual assets begins to degrade.
  • Hold external and internal service providers accountable for changes they may cause in energy performance.