Energy Supply Manager
Solution Overview 

Energy Supply services integrates control of energy prices, reveals data intelligence, and supports buying decisions while accurately reporting and managing projects sensitively.

How to get started with Energy Supply ManagerVerisae’s Energy Supply services helps organizations interact with energy providers to best manage risk and pricing uncertainty. The energy supply market is becoming deregulated and increasingly complex. It is crucial to actively manage the energy supply.

 Energy Supply Challenges

Employees might be burdened with the time-consuming manual paper processing routine. In a complex, deregulated marketplace driven by real-time pricing, companies may be unable to take advantage of the best contract terms. This is due to:

  • Increasing costs of energy supply,
  • Increasing energy market volatility,
  • Increasing retail competition,
  • Increasing construction costs,
  • Lack of resources and staffing,
  • Heavy reliance on contractors, and
  • Lack of energy domain knowledge.

Energy Supply Services
Our energy supply services fill the gap between site-based controls and real-time decision making necessary to manage energy risk. We focus on reducing current and future costs through buying energy wisely. We do this through:

  • Eliminating the tedious paper processing,
  • Revealing possible bill exceptions and overcharges,
  • Automating energy reduction actions according to price signals,
  • Using smart technology to capitalize on program credits and revenue opportunities,
  • Automating utility demand response requests,
  • Budgeting and forecasting energy costs,
  • Make smarter energy procurement decisions that reduce risk,
  • Help organizations understand energy payments with bill and rate analysis, and
  • Look for ways organizations can fund projects with energy rebate processing.

Purchasing energy without adequate energy supply services and tool can be tedious and complex. Often, companies find that they are paying too much for energy at any one given moment because they are not taking full advantage of fluctuating energy tariffs. We help organizations take a comprehensive approach to energy supply management through internal awareness, energy benchmarking and scorecarding.

We will even help customers by acting as ‘virtual energy managers’ to alleviate the stress on internal resources. Clients have found that the utility bill processing solution catches billing errors, avoids fees, and allows them to use their staff resources more efficiently, which together saves them between 1 and 3% of their original utility bill cost.

Complimentary Brochure: Take the Next Step

To continue learning effective energy supply management, please download our Energy Supply Manager software and services information. Included in this complimentary brochure are additional tips, strategy, and information related to utility bill processing, energy price management, and rebates and tarriff analysis.

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