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Environmental Performance
Management System Overview

Beyond “Sustainability Initiatives” as a Cost Center to a Revenue Driver

Two powerful forces are currently pushing organizations to take a closer look at their core operational needs. Both involve an element of scarcity.  Financial resources are being squeezed and priorities realigned as budgets shrink, investors to reassess options, stakeholders to become more demanding of expenses, and management continues to focus on operational efficiency.

Looking at individual equipment performance and general upkeep reveals options for improved energy efficiency that can be measured by the effect on carbon emissions. Organizations are better informed when equipment-level data is gathered automatically and in real-time. They can make crucial business decisions effectively with confidence.

Verisae's Environmental Performance Management System (EPMS) overview details where you to get started and how to drive the greatest value for your efforts. To explore further, the pages presented to the left explain in depth the environmental performance solution. 

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Once environmental performance software has gathered all necessary data within a master data warehouse, the process of analysis, correlation of data, issue identification, and corrective actions begins. Verisae’s software allows organizations to make near immediate changes to people, processes and related systems in a way that would be next to impossible conventionally.

Verisae offers a comprehensive sustainability solution that helps organizations manage all or most of the details and processes mentioned in the previous sections. By collecting accurate and timely data in real-time through a dedicated system, organizations are able to move beyond the restrictions of a spreadsheet approach to environmental management to gathering actionable intelligence.