GHG/Carbon Reporting


Manage and report a complex set of data across the enterprise.

When organizations purchase fuel to generate heat on site, fuel furnaces, fire boilers, or run stoves for cooking purposes, they’re responsible for these direct, stationary emissions. There are also stationary carbon emissions produced from the combustion of fuels to produce electricity, steam, heat, or power at a fixed location.

When greenhouse gases are inadvertently leaked into the atmosphere, these fugitive emissions must be accounted and included in carbon calculations. Employee travel is also a source of carbon emissions. If an organization runs any kind of vehicle in the course of doing business, they’re responsible for their greenhouse gas emissions, also known as mobile or tailpipe emissions.

Organizations are starting to account for supply chain emissions and the use of raw materials, as pressure grows from a variety of external and often critical stakeholders, all demanding complete accountability.

If you undertake energy and environmental initiatives, but lack enterprise-wide visibility and insight, how can you drive value across departments and up and down the supply chain?

vx Sustain helps you manage and report a complex set of data across the enterprise.

Sustainability Leader Insights - Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo's mandate is to look at sustainability holistically, across the company and across disciplines.

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With vx Sustain, you can:

  • Aggregate Scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions data from multiple facilities, sources, user roles
  • Configure for each user’s tasks and responsibilities
  • Work with your entire supply chain; vendor, fleet integration, product assessments
  • Take action to improve environmental performance
  • Use analytic tools to track the metrics that matter (e.g., financial, usage)
  • Set alerts based on user-defined thresholds and configured business objectives
  • Submit to carbon reporting authorities with approved protocols, emissions factors and calculations
  • Integration with ENERGY STAR
  • Facilitate cost-effective third-party data sourcing, validation, aggregation and verification

The vx Sustain value:

  • Save time with automated data gathering
  • Reduce labor costs of reporting
  • Enable collaboration across the enterprise and up and down the supply chain

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