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Best Practices & Goals
of Maintenance Management

The Verisae platform allows an organization to manage people and processes with a high level of efficiency. The system eliminates paperwork and guides users through established business processes. When processing a work order, a central staff member or a local site manager can generate a work order for services through a phone call, a personal computer with a browser and an Internet connection, a kiosk, or a handheld device. The system then logs the work order and checks a list of approved contractors for specific locations, asset types, and services. Work orders are electronically dispatched automatically.

Maintenance Best Practices and Goals:

The system also tracks when to buy, replace, repair, or recycle equipment that requires service. Calculating total cost of ownership for the lifetime of an asset enables organizations to make the best purchasing and procurement decisions.

Documented Savings of More than $350 Million

Verisae’s clients have documented total savings of more than $350 million through the use of our system. The Facility and Equipment Maintenance solution is the most mature of Verisae’s software applications and is responsible for the lion’s share of these savings.

Tesco alone documented more than $50 million in annual savings from its use of Verisae’s Maintenance Management solution across the company’s 3,000 stores. Fresh and Easy estimates $3 million in annual savings across its 160 stores.

Tighter Control of Maintenance Budgets, Risks,  and Tradeoffs

The Verisae system makes detailed expense and budget information readily available. This capability enables managers to track their organization’s performance against budget in real time.

The amount of annual savings achieved depends on the scope of a company’s operations and the size of their maintenance budget. Learn more about the value of Verisae’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).