Parts Management


Parts Management

You need the ability to manage part catalogs, warehouse hierarchies, and the support chain processes of parts purchasing, parts movement, auto-replenishment and stock count. Tracking parts movements from the supplier to the warehouse to the van and the work location provides the visibility you need to optimize inventory levels and parts purchasing decisions and improve the execution of the service process.

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With vx Field, you can:

  • Utilize “recommended parts” to receive notifications for parts not located in the field technician’s van
  • Scan the part’s barcode with a smartphone camera to get search results presented by distance to the relevant van or warehouse
  • Search for and manage parts via a smart device (parts located in the field technician’s van and other vans or warehouses)
  • Complete the part transfer transaction by formally requesting the part from the respective warehouse
  • Support “quick transfer of parts” between vans
  • Define the service logistics infrastructure
  • Manage all inventory, shipping and receiving, and replenishment activities
  • Manage inventory balance of serialized and non-serialized parts and flow of spare parts

The vx Field value:

  • Gain better control over stock levels and usage of parts in the field
  • Improve daily operations by taking into consideration the availability of parts in the scheduling process and by providing parts-related information to your field technicians

Smart logic that uses artificial intelligence to create recommended parts lists, real-time transactions that searches for parts and their respective location at any time, and a well-designed user experience can make a big difference for your field technicians.

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