Predictive Asset Management


Find and correct inefficient equipment that’s costing you money.

You’re continually pressured to reduce operating expenses. But it may be difficult for your organization to drive value from your existing investments.

By correlating various data sources (alarms, energy, telemetry, weather, and maintenance service events) to trigger corrective and preventative actions, you can prevent equipment failure and increase equipment trading time by finding and correcting inefficient equipment that’s costing you money.

Instead of wasting money on routine maintenance, you need to identify only the equipment at the greatest risk to fail. vx Observe predicts the need for a maintenance event before it occurs, reducing the risk of product loss. In addition, by measuring and monitoring the condition of equipment, vx Observe can help reduce your energy consumption and associated costs.

Alarms Management: The Future Is Now

Automating maintenance, energy and alarms management for smarter decisions, lower costs and competitive advantage.

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With vx Observe, you can:

  • Identify equipment that’s performing poorly or about to fail
  • Enable a planned approach to repairing assets

The vx Observe value:

  • Gain actionable intelligence
  • Identify and resolve poor asset performance
  • Fix or replace assets before they fail
  • Enable higher equipment uptime
  • Make informed capital investment decisions

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