Schedule Optimization


Excel in mobile workforce planning and drive continuous service operations success.


When dealing with complex and dynamic scheduling and dispatch decisions, even just agreeing on what “optimal’ means or which plan best reflects your organization’s business needs is difficult. Ensuring those needs are automatically met by a computer algorithm, day-after-day in a constantly changing environment is a true challenge.

Traditional workforce optimization approaches can’t bridge the gap between your business needs and the “switches” and “toggles” necessary to configure optimization algorithms. This lack of a direct correlation breeds doubt in your organization and exposes the results to subjective analysis.

To reach workforce scheduling operational excellence, your organization must clearly identify your different service objectives and how you want to balance them. Then, you must be able to capture those objectives in a language that will be understood by both your operations manager and a computer algorithm. The resulting schedule, because it’s based upon clearly-defined business objectives, becomes less prone to subjective analysis or second-guessing.

Achieving this outcome sets a high bar, but it’s a goal worth pursuing. Because you can’t expect your valuable resources to be more effective than the plan you’ve provided to them.

The Balancing Act of Mobile Workforce Management

Handling the challenges of mobile workforce management, in particular, multi-service objectives. Verisae has the industry's only auto-calibrating optimization technology with an embedded service priorities engine.

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With vx Field, you can:

  • Use the out-of-the-box set of supported objectives (e.g., minimizing travel time; maximizing the load balance between field technicians; minimizing the risk of missing an appointment with a customer)
  • Define the balance between objectives by prioritizing the objectives and defining thresholds for compromising a higher-priority objective in favor of a lower-priority one
  • Auto-tune the internal parameters of the optimizer, with every run, to best accommodate the prioritized service objectives and the data for that run
  • Objectively measure the quality of a plan
  • Gain greater visibility into the planner by measuring and presenting the objective’s results for each plan

The vx Field value:

  • Increased visibility into the plan/schedule in relation to your specified objectives
  • Continuous execution towards the highest possible quality schedule
  • Full alignment with your organization’s strategic goals by finding the balance between contradicting objectives

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