Scheduling and Dispatch


Balance contradicting business objectives to achieve alignment with your goals.

After the work order is created and the appointment is booked, you need to schedule and monitor the execution of that work. In order to optimize field service work, you must be able to plan and allocate resources effectively to jobs while constantly adjusting schedules. vx Field supports the management of work orders and resources, scheduling of work, and dispatching work to the field.

vx Field balances contradicting business objectives (e.g., quality of service, minimizing travel time) by auto-tuning the optimization engine with each and every run, based on the data set you’re trying to optimize at that time. With a set of heuristic algorithms and multi-objective optimization functions, vx Field utilizes the latest geospatial technology to optimize the allocation of all work across your enterprise.

Each time your mobile workforce rolls out into the real world you must be prepared to proactively deal with the exceptions to your plans. We built our dispatch board around the concept of proactive exception management which pushes a prioritized list of items to dispatchers that they need to resolve and presents only the information needed in the context of the problem to be solved. Our dispatch board combines your current plan, your outstanding actions, and the map with decision support tools to optimally manage exceptions.


Best Practices in Mobile Workforce Management

Recommendations on what you need and what you should avoid in mobile workforce management, including performance management, user experience, planning, and extensibility.

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With vx Field, you can:

  • Find the best possible match between work and resources, based on your business definitions
  • Schedule work based on constraints and rules (e.g., skills, proficiency, parts availability, cost, drive time, SLA requirements, tools availability, location, etc.)
  • Determine the best worker for the job, including planned shifts, planned unavailable dates, travel time limitations, individual capabilities, job requirements, time restrictions, and task dependencies
  • Determine the best worker for the job with powerful heuristic algorithms, dynamic programming, algebraic techniques, independent partitioning, and multi-level coarsening methods
  • Automate scheduling of work, from short-duration tasks to multi-day, multi-stage, multi-resource jobs
  • Ensure inventory, tools, vehicles, and other assets are available for use
  • Produce street-level routing with turn-by-turn directions, travel time, and related costs
  • Offer possible time slots – based on real capacity – in appointment booking
  • View the current plan, outstanding actions, and the map to optimally manage exceptions
  • Select a work item or a resource on the Gantt chart to see the work and the resource assigned to that work highlighted on the map
  • Let your dispatchers enter their own search phrases (instead of predefined queries) to search for both resources and actions
  • Utilize predefined rules to identify best searches for this type of problem and automatically update dispatch board views
  • Improve the logging and auditing of assignment processes

The vx Field value:

  • Find the optimal operating point for your service organization
  • Save dollars by eliminating inefficiencies in your workforce
  • Provide better service

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