Service Performance Management


Visibility into your current and historical business performance.

Normal business processes produce information at every step in the process. But how do you really know what’s happening in your operation week-by-week, day-by-day, hour-by-hour? How can you analyze trends over time on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis? How can you get to the right data?

vx Field promotes a balanced view of your business, elevates your ability to make informed executive decisions, and leverages the business value of the Verisae solution.

The Productivity & Effectiveness package
analyzes your history, including productivity, work utilization, and the behavior of your employees, so you can identify trends.

The Operational Analysis package
helps you address “today’s plan” and tweak those plans, when needed. You can plan better and optimize your plan by re-prioritizing your objectives and comparing the costs and benefits of different objectives.

The Demand & Impact package
helps your better prepare for your future workload with a visualized analysis of workload forecasting. By applying a statistical formula with a simple what/if scenario, you can see what will happen if you have more employees to address the same work.

14-Step Guide to Building a Performance Management Framework in Field Service Organizations

To continuously improve, move the focus from the “things that you do” to the “things you can do better”, learn how you can become more efficient and effective, and make the right decisions and improve your service organization.

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With vx Field, you can:

  • Create measurable targets for strategic objectives
  • Track ongoing performance and trends over time
  • Review performance against goals and analyze variances
  • More accurately forecast and adjust to evolving business needs
  • Review strategic goals with key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Determine how metrics compare over time (monthly, quarterly, year-over-year)

vx Field offers visibility into your current and historical business performance. KPI examples include:

Productivity & Effectiveness

  • Task Duration vs. Planned Duration
  • Number of Travel Hours per Day per Employee per Department
  • Number of Reported Work Hours per Week per Employee per Region
  • Average Percentage of Utilization per Quarter per Center
  • Percentage of SLAs Met per Day in Total
  • Number of Return Visits on Average per Week per Field Technician

Operational Analysis

  • Number Scheduled Tasks per Field Engineer
  • Number of Unscheduled Tasks by Work Type
  • Number of Completed Tasks per Region
  • Number of Open Tasks by Required Skills

Demand & Impact

  • Bridging Workforce Gaps Analysis with Simple Visual What-If Scenarios
  • Planning Horizons Using History Analysis and Simulating Future Workload Accommodation
  • Number of Parts in Van on Average per Region
  • Percentage of Utilization as a Function of Number of Employees per Department
  • Predicted Number of Planned Tasks for the Next 30 Days Based on History Analysis
  • Number of Overtime Hours of In-house Employees Estimated for Next Month’s Work
  • Estimated Cost of Outsourced Employees for Number of Tasks by Type per Center

Data Integrity and Accuracy

  • Percentage of Reliable Data Points Measured, Based on Pre-Set Thresholds
  • Percentage of Accurate Data Points Measured, Based on Comparison of Two Data Sources
  • Monthly Comparison to Measure Improvement in Data Integrity

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