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Software Solutions

Integrated Solutions Create New Levels Of Insight And Performance

Our Enterprise Asset Management, Energy Management, Environmental Management and Remote Alarms Management solutions can be implemented as stand-alone products or integrated with property analytics through Verisae's "Connected Facility" platform to provide comprehensive management on one database and application.

Verisae's "Connected Facility" platform brings together information, people and processes in new ways to reduce the operating costs of maintenance, energy and environmental programs.

The result: sharper insights, smarter decisions and unrivalled operational, financial and environmental performance.

  • Lowered energy consumption and costs (without further capital investments)

  • Improved maintenance management and asset performance

  • Reduced carbon emissions

  • Environmental compliance

  • Lowered financial and regulatory risk

  • Improved sustainability

  • Stronger brand

Most of our clients are very large, including WalMart, Target, Costco, Supervalu, Tesco, Whole Foods Markets, and many other well-known brands. Their annual revenue ranges from about $400 million to about $408 billion. Each operates from about 130 to more than 4,300 locations. Verisae provides technologies and services that help organizations and other retailers manage four closely interrelated areas of facility or store operations:


Energy Management

sol energy iconThe Energy Information System enables organizations to manage and monitor the supply and demand side of their energy needs, including energy procurement, consumption as well as internal and external reporting.  Learn More

Maintenance Management

sol maintenance iconThe Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) manages all processes around the deployment, performance, and maintenance of assets from procurement through retirement. The software captures service data currently lost in paper-based workflow processes and provides customers with asset-specific total cost of ownership that can be analyzed at a corporate level.  Learn More

Remote Alarms Management

sol alarms iconThe Remote Equipment Alarms Management system works by creating first an alarm data warehouse, refreshed with automated feeds from a number of alarm sources. Relevant data from the equipment is monitored and normalized with predetermined mappings to several alarm types that are processed in a single software platform.  Learn More

Environmental Management

sol environ iconThe Environmental Performance management system collects accurate and timely environmental data in real-time if necessary through a dedicated system. Organizations are able to move beyond the "spreadsheet approach” to gathering true environmental intelligence.  Learn More