Solutions and Products

Connecting facility management, field service, and the Internet of Things.

Solutions and Products

Verisae is reinventing the service supply chain by connecting facility management, field service, and the Internet of Things.

Verisae’s solutions can be implemented as standalone products or integrated to provide comprehensive management via one database and application.

The power of vx Connect, Verisae’s cloud-based, integrated platform, comes from correlating business information, people, processes, and analytics across traditionally disconnected operations. Reduced operating costs and the resulting profits progressively increase as disparate systems are brought together within the Verisae platform.

Learn more about how you can leverage vx Connect to increase profits and sustain competitive advantage.

Facility Management
Peace of mind for facility managers.

Field Service
Better service cost-effectively for field service organizations.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things made real for innovators.
Maintenance Management
Visibility and control over work orders, assets, facilities, and contractors.

Mobile Workforce Management
Plan, execute, and monitor short-term, dynamic events and long-term trends.

Remote Asset Management
Use equipment data to remotely prioritize, triage, and correct.

Energy Management
Mine the intelligence hidden in data to drive your priorities.

Sustainability Management
Move beyond a reactive approach to actionable intelligence.

The Verisae Platform
The security of a reliable platform.

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