Sustainability Initiatives Tracking


Monitor the real effect of your sustainability efforts.

Sustainability can be multifaceted. You may want to track and determine the benefits of pursuing an energy efficiency policy, a carbon emissions mitigation goal, or a water reduction project.

With little access to data, you can’t show how investment in sustainability can reduce costs and impact your business. You may miss opportunities to generate revenue from carbon credits or rebates. Without tracking tools, you can’t monitor sustainability efforts, ensure consistency, or link actual results with forecasted expectations.

You need a centralized repository of information, a place where data can be assessed and audited. vx Sustain displays your environmental impact data alongside your project resources and energy spending to see how adaptations impact other costs. With more visibility, you can monitor the real effect of sustainability efforts across your organization.

Sustainability Leader Insights - Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo's mandate is to look at sustainability holistically, across the company and across disciplines.

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With vx Sustain, you can:

  • Track and manage carbon emissions, waste, and water data for sustainability initiatives
  • Allow users to upload multiple documents and data in a variety of formats
  • Present data in a consistent format for clarity throughout your organization
  • Compare data with projections and historical data for optimal decision-making
  • Allow multiple users to review data across an electronic workflow
  • Store documents in a centralized database to be accessed by approved interested parties
  • Establish benchmarks, objectives, and goals to determine what is or isn’t working

The vx Sustain value:

  • Incorporate sustainability practices into your organization that work with your business strategies and operational best practices
  • Reduce both costs and waste to save money over time and show consumers that you’re a brand that can be trusted
  • Compile verifiable data from varying initiatives and centralize results to evaluate true impact
  • Increase visibility into specific project data to identify underperforming areas and avoid similar options in the future
  • Reveal the financial benefits of development, costs incurred, and the real cost savings of sustainability

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