Sustainability Management

Move beyond a reactive approach to actionable intelligence.


Sustainability can serve as a differentiator for your company and increase brand awareness. But the increased need for transparency and accountability for sustainability efforts requires improvements in your data collection and reporting processes.

You need complete and relevant data on how each and every asset uses energy and emits carbon, company-wide water use, and waste management practices. A fragmented, manual process can’t lead to a comprehensive level of understanding.

The proper interpretation and manipulation of large amounts of data requires a dynamic approach to data gathering. When data is collected automatically and in real time, you’re better informed and can make crucial business decisions effectively.

vx Sustain helps you with gathering, analyzing, and correlating data to identify issues and corrective actions. So you can gain better insight into usage, impact, and performance.

The vx Sustain modules:

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Sustainability Leader Insights - Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo's mandate is to look at sustainability holistically, across the company and across disciplines.

Wells Fargo - Sustainability Leader Insights