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The "Connected Facility" 

Multi-site organizations often become "siloed" and constrained by operations that lack shared information and processes. Cost efficiencies are lost, or perhaps not even envisioned. 

Verisae has a solution. Our “Connected Facility” SaaS platform brings together information, people and processes in new ways to reduce the operating costs of maintenance, energy and environmental programs.

With Verisae’s SaaS technology you can integrate facility, asset and energy management along with sustainability initiatives to support the entire organization. The result: sharper insights, smarter decisions and unrivalled operational, financial and environmental performance.

Unlike many other service providers and manufacturers that provide narrowly focused applications, only Verisae allows for integrated facility, asset, energy and sustainability management. 

Our Enterprise Asset Management, Energy Management, Environmental Management  and Remote Alarms Management solutions can be implemented as stand-alone products or integrated with Property Analytics to provide comprehensive management on one database and application.

The power of Verisae’s software platform comes from correlating business information, people, processes and analytics across traditionally disconnected operations.  Reduced operating costs and the resulting profits progressively increase as disparate systems are brought together within the Verisae platform. 

See our case studies to learn how leading retailers are leveraging the “Connected Facility” for increased profits and sustained competitive advantage.

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