Take Me to Your Field Service Leader

Published at: 03/16/2017
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The service landscape has evolved dramatically over the past few decades. There was a time when service meant delivering on break/fix contract terms.

There was also a time when customers accepted that equipment would fail and that equipment failure would result in downtime. Field service technicians may have been considered a resource, like a fleet of vehicles or the spare parts in a truck. For the best-in-class, this time has come and gone.

Today, customer satisfaction determines success. Service delivery must meet a higher standard. With this change in strategic focus, service leaders must change the way they think.

As the expectations for the service experience continue to rise, the technician becomes even more important. The technician still must resolve the issue on the work order, but the technician must do more to differentiate your service organization.

The role and performance of the technician has become critical for 2 reasons:

  • Service increasingly provides a path to growth for your business.
  • Technicians are dealing with customers who demand both efficient resolution and improved service.

Service contracts are renewed based on relationships and technicians build relationships that can be hard to break. The best-in-class know that they need to prioritize hiring, training, and retention of the service team to meet customer needs consistently.

This paradigm shift means that service must change its focus and strategic vision. While your field service technicians will execute this change, the strategy must come from the top. A senior level executive needs to set the direction and lead the service organization.

Leadership is difficult to quantify. Often, organizations promote top-performing individual contributors to managers and simply expect them to lead. This approach to leadership won’t deliver the results that the business or the customer needs.

To deliver innovative culture and continuous improvement, your field service technicians will also serve as leaders, even though they may not have the title. True leadership is reflected in actions, not titles, and a culture of leadership in action is what field service needs today.


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