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Verisae Expands Partnership with Cyient

System Integrator Becomes Development Partner and Global Reseller of Verisae Products


Minneapolis, MN, February 9, 2016 Verisae, the leading global provider of maintenance, machine to machine monitoring, and mobile workforce solutions, announced today the expansion of its partnership with Cyient, a global system integrator specializing in the utilities, telecommunications and other industries.

Starting its relationship with Verisae as a system integrator, Cyient has become a development partner and authorized value-added reseller (VAR) of Verisae products globally. In addition, Verisae and Cyient work together on various innovation projects such as integrating wearables with Verisae’s software and Big Data analytics with Cyient’s Data Insights group.

“We are delighted to expand our relationship with Verisae,” said Jeffery Nash, Vice President, Cyient North America Utilities and Communications. “Verisae has a strong presence in the utilities and telecommunications industries, providing best-in-class solutions that help drive field efficiency and improve customer experience.”

From the beginning, the partnership between Cyient and Verisae was designed to provide a flexible framework so that the joint relationship could evolve in response to customer demands and market conditions, particularly within the utilities and telecommunications sectors.

Today, Cyient resells Verisae’s solutions, including vx Field, Verisae’s mobile workforce management solution which manages long-term projects, routine maintenance activities, service requests, and emergency response in an optimal manner. The combination of Cyient’s proven integration skills and domain knowledge with Verisae’s rich functionality delivers significant value and benefit to customers worldwide.

“Cyient has been a Verisae partner for several years, and is willing to engage on multiple fronts. First, as a system integrator and reseller, and now as a VAR,” said Jim Peterson, Executive Vice President, Partnerships & Alliances. “Through the expansion of our partnership with Cyient, Verisae is bringing innovative capabilities to more service organizations across the globe.”



About Verisae
Verisae’s software technology brings together the concepts of Big Data, machine-to-machine communications and mobile technology to deliver solutions for companies in retail, utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing and service management industries. Verisae analyzes data to provide predictive, prescriptive and proactive maintenance and management. Operating on an open API technology platform, Verisae’s solutions are simple, integrated and mobile. Backed by Marlin Equity Partners, a $3 billion private equity firm, Verisae has a network of more than 180,000 registered users managing in excess of three million assets at more than 370,000 sites in North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, please visit or follow Verisae on LinkedIn and Twitter.


About Cyient

Cyient is a global provider of engineering, data analytics, networks and operations solutions. Cyient collaborates with its clients to drive benefit and shape a better tomorrow. Cyient solutions include product development and life-cycle support, process and network engineering, and data transformation and analytics. Cyient focuses in the aerospace, utilities, telecom, energy, medical, heavy equipment, semiconductor and rail transportation, industries. Strong capabilities combined with a global network of more than 13,000 employees across 37 global locations enable Cyient to deliver measurable and substantial benefits to major organizations worldwide. Please visit for more information.

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