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Maintenance Management

43 Ways to Cut Maintenance Costs and Improve the Customer Shopping Experience

This special report provides 43 proven ways for large retail grocers to manage their physical assets for lower cost, higher profit, and greater customer satisfaction. These best practices have proved effective in more than 10 of the world’s largest and most profitable grocery retailers.

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Verisae Uses IoT-Based Solutions to Optimize Facility Management

This report takes a deeper look at the benefits of facility optimization compared to a focus solely on energy management. Download the Verdantix report to understand how facility managers are turning their attention towards broader optimization solutions, and the technologies that enable those solutions, to achieve their internal targets.

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Service Management

State of Service Management in 2016 - Empower the Data-Driven CSO

The field team, dispatchers, and service leadership all need data in order to adapt to changing trends and service needs. Download the Aberdeen research report to explore the impact that data and analytics has on helping to create and deliver a strategic roadmap for service.

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The Road for Manufacturers Goes Through Service

Manufacturers are at a crossroads. The product or asset is no longer providing the value to the customer relationship that it has in the past. Top-performing manufacturers have evolved from a product-focused operation to a more services-centric model delivering valuable customer experiences.

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Service Lifecycle Excellence - Resolution at the Heart of Service

There are high expectations for service organizations. Service and support have become big business, as it is often more profitable than its product counterparts. See the key trends in regard to field service excellence, and focuses on how top performing organizations have begun an evolution from reactive to proactive service.

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From the Internet of Things to Service & Machine Transformation

The need to connect to customer value has led organizations to focus on how they can build smarter machines and equipment to power improved service resolution. This research report highlights the impact of the Internet of Things on equipment and service delivery - turning intelligence into better service and equipment.

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Remote Asset Management

Remote Assets: Taking Advantage of New Opportunities in Retail

In this research report from Aberdeen, machines and equipment in the field can tell their own productivity story and present new challenges for optimizing performance and ensuring reliability. Learn to leverage increased connectivity with remote assets to predict failure, not just respond to it.

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The Future of Service: Build a Bond with Asset Management

53% of serviceable equipment for the best-in-class is connected for the purpose of maintenance, tracking, service, and asset management. Explore the convergence between field service and asset management in this research report from Aberdeen.

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Alarms Management: The Future Is Now

Automating maintenance, energy and alarms management for smarter decisions, lower costs and competitive advantage.

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Mobile Workforce Management

The Balancing Act of Mobile Workforce Management

Handle the challenges of mobile workforce management, in particular, multi-service objectives. Verisae has the industry's only auto-calibrating optimization technology with an embedded service priorities engine.

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Managing the Known and Unknown in Mobile Workforce Management

Planning for the mid-term and long-term is a critical link to productivity in your business processes. Get it wrong and you lose ground to the competition.

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Performance Management Framework for Mobile Workforce Management and Field Service

Measuring and monitoring the right factors. Fine-tuning the performance of your organization. Addressing your business objectives.

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Business Process Management as a Blueprint for Mobile Workforce Management

The basics and benefits of BPM to an organization, including how BPM fits into the mobile workforce management industry.

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Service Differentiation: Your 3-Step Plan

How you can do more with less, provide service more effectively, and focus on your unique business processes to outperform your competition.

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Energy and Sustainability

10 Ways to Slash Energy Costs and Reduce Budget Uncertainty

New store design, refurbs and retrofits may present the biggest and most obvious opportunities to make dramatic, long-lasting improvements in energy efficiency and budget certainty.

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Who’s Asleep at the Energy Switch?

Considering the energy management challenges for retailers, it can be cost-effective to make energy managers responsible for energy efficiency across multiple stores. If this approach is in your plan, provide your energy managers with access to energy-use data in near real time.

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8 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Cost

Focus on ways to pay less for the energy you buy, including the data, systems, processes, and resources you’re likely to need to implement these energy efficiency initiatives.

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Sustainability Leader Insights - Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo's mandate is to look at sustainability holistically, across the company and across disciplines.

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