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White Papers

Verisae offers solutions for environmental compliance, energy reduction, and facilities and asset management that work together to mitigate the risks and lower the costs of enterprise optimization. Learn how Verisae can help your organization through the following industry white papers:

Sustainability Leader Insights: An Interview with Wells Fargo

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT -- Learn how Jeff Austin operationalizes sustainability goals across the organization as part of the company's deep commitment to positive environmental impact. Learn More


Alarms Management: The Future Is Now

ALARMS MANAGEMENT -- Automating maintenance, energy and alarms management for smarter decisions, lower costs and competitive advantage. Learn More


10 Ways to Slash Energy Costs and Reduce Budget Uncertainty

ENERGY BEST PRACTICES -- New store design, refurbs and retrofits may present the biggest and most obvious opportunities to make dramatic, long-lasting improvements in energy efficiency and budget certainty. Learn More


43 Best Practices in Facilities and Maintenance Management

ASSETS BEST PRACTICES -- This special report provides 43 proven ways for large retail grocers to manage their physical assets for lower cost, higher profit and greater customer satisfaction. The practices have proved effective in more than 10 of the world’s largest and most profitable grocery retailers. Learn More


Who's Asleep at the Energy Switch?

ENERGY EFFICIENCY -- Considering the energy management challenges across hotels these days, it can be cost-effective to make energy managers responsible for energy efficiency across multiple properties. If this is in your plan, you’ll need to provide your energy managers with access to energy-use data in near real time.  Learn More


Capitalizing on Utility Energy Rebates

ENERGY REBATES -- This white paper examines the barriers and the priorities when prospecting a rebate solutions provider, including expertise with energy efficient equipment, utility rebate department’s knowledge, and how navigates the procurement process.  Learn More


8 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs

ENERGY STRATEGIES -- We focus on ways to pay less for the energy you buy. You will also find here a brief discussion of the data, systems, processes, and resources you’re likely to need to implement these energy efficiency initiatives.  Learn More


Compliance and Beyond: Managing Your CRC Performance

CARBON REGULATION -- This paper looks at the important role that data and management information systems play in not only delivering compliance, but in driving energy efficiency, bottom line savings and brand & reputational gain.  Learn More


R-22 Refrigerant Gas Phase Out

FUGITIVE EMISSIONS -- According to their 2008 study, the EPA is limiting the amount to HCFC R-22 to 20% less than industry demand. This means that R-22 will likely increase in cost substantially and available stocks could be bought up by the bigger organizations. Learn More


Refrigerant Gas Management White Paper

FUGITIVE EMISSIONS -- EPA inspectors can visit any location, at any time, and request full audit reports that must be produced on the spot for all refrigerant usage covering the prior 5 years. This is a daunting task faced with a manual, paper process.  Learn More


Verisae's Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform

VERISAE TECHNOLOGY -- SaaS is a software solution that is supported and maintained by a third-party vendor as part of a service agreement. Corporate users access the software through an Internet gateway and thus there is no need to maintain an IT infrastructure.  Learn More


CRC Reporting: League Table Strategies

CARBON REGULATION -- The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is not to be taken lightly or seen as just another method of taxation. A high-level performance within the scheme is nothing less than essential to future company strategies.  Learn More


President Obama’s Plans for Sustainability

EXECUTIVE ORDER -- Verisae's integrated Sustainability Resource Planning (SRP) platform enables each agency to identify and plan initiatives, track emissions, energy, & assets, and bring to bear efficiency programs to ensure successful EO13514 implementation and reporting.  Learn More


Executive Order 13514: An Overview of Sustainability Planning

EXECUTIVE ORDER -- In order to create a clean energy economy that will increase our nation's prosperity, promote energy security, protect the interests of taxpayers and safeguard the health of our environment, the government must lead by example.  Learn More


CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme: Are You Ready?

CARBON REGULATION -- Addressing the CRC Energy Efficiency reporting requirements need not be financially draining. Many opportunities exist to increase organisational efficiencies and reduce energy consumption in order to have services that “pay for themselves”.  Learn More


Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA)

EMISSIONS MANAGEMENT -- Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA) is an essential requirement for companies. It will likely become a legal necessity due to government mandates that require tracking across an organization's complete boundary.  Learn More


Supply Chain Emissions Management

EMISSIONS MANAGEMENT -- The world's largest retailer, Walmart, has really brought the issue of lifecycle analysis and supply-chain emissions tracking to the forefront. They intend to measure sustainability as part of the overall supply chain emissions management.  Learn More


Carbon Reduction Commitment: An Introduction to Reporting

CARBON REGULATION -- The UK government has taken the first initiative with the introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment legislation which will force an estimated 20,000 companies, directly affected by the law, to take part in a “cap and trade” scheme and to produce carbon reports.  Learn More