Alarms Management


Aggregate alarms and slash service bureau costs.

You may have no equipment alarms management system in place (with no visibility and no control over equipment issues that waste resources, goods, and employee time). Or you may have a mix of control systems, call centers, and service bureaus with each piece of equipment generating different alarm types managed by different internal or external resources.

Either way, you have inefficiencies that can add up to millions of dollars each year. You must improve decision making, so that costly issues are addressed effectively before downtime or waste occurs.

You can drive great value through effective alarms processing that aggregates the management of alarms from several sources, including refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, and other critical equipment.

The decision-making engine in vx Observe reduces the burden of alarms management, so you can focus on customer satisfaction, equipment availability, and product quality. By automating workflows based on alarm types, your criteria, and existing work orders, you can eliminate inefficient manual processes and communications during alarm triage and resolution to provide increased end-to-end visibility and accountability.

Alarms Management: The Future Is Now

Automating maintenance, energy and alarms management for smarter decisions, lower costs and competitive advantage.

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With vx Observe, you can:

  • Reduce thousands of raw alarms down to the critical few alarms that require corrective action
  • Automate alarm evaluation and processing by normalizing controllers and alarm types
  • Remove duplicate alarms for the same issue and focus analysis where it matters
  • Stop manually researching alarm source or working on simple data evaluation
  • Aggregate alarms with the same root cause into a single alarm

The vx Observe value:

  • Capture time-sensitive alarms immediately and automatically from control devices
  • Reduce the time and effort for service bureaus to communicate issues resulting from equipment alarms
  • Improve service response and equipment uptime by triggering the creation of work orders and dispatching service personnel through workflow automation
  • Reduce the time spent chasing data by automating the analysis, data correlation, and corrective response to equipment alarms

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