Industry analysts evaluate and rank Verisae’s solutions.


Panoramic Power Expands Focus to Operational Performance
January 2015: Verisae is recognized for acquiring its own mobile workforce management capabilities with the acquisition of ViryaNet.

Verisae Gains Momentum with Acquisition of ViryaNet
August 12, 2014: Verdantix recognizes Verisae’s acquisition of ViryaNet and states that the firm is clearly set apart from its competitors (IBM, Infor, and Johnson Controls) given its enhanced ability to create work plans and enable real-time communication for service teams. Verdantix goes on to mention that the acquisition also gives Verisae and ViryaNet a leg up on other workforce management vendors such as ServiceMax and TOA Technologies.

Wipro Ecoenergy Taps Big Data For The Retail Sector
June 30, 2014: Verisae is mentioned as one amongst many software providers and firms as having gained success in servicing/targeting the retail sector.

Energy Software Delves Deeper into Asset Management
June 26, 2014: For asset monitoring capabilities, Verisae’s solutions compare service event information against historical performance of a piece of equipment to offer repair vs. replace analysis. Verisae also helps users determine which faults are most urgent by accurately predicting failure rates of assets given changes in energy consumption rates.

Technology Applications Transform Energy Services
June 25, 2014: Verdantix recommends that services firms integrate building maintenance capabilities into their software in order to be considered a market standout. Among firms that have taken steps to include building maintenance, Verisae’s vx Maintain was noted for receiving a best-in-class score for predictive maintenance in the Verdantix Green Quadrant Building Energy Management Software 2014 study.

Who Benefits the Most From Energy Management Software?
June 19, 2014: By offering a mobile platform and intelligent workflows, Verisae is highlighted as a supplier that is helping to reduce energy costs in order to streamline maintenance processes. Overall, this aligns with the goals of facilities teams and improves operational efficiency.

Energy Software to Manage Supply Side Reaches Maturity
May 20, 2014: “Verdantix research shows that across energy software management, most of the leading packages include a standard level of functionality for utility bill management and energy procurement” (Verdantix 2014). Verisae is mentioned as one of these leading companies. Verisae’s functionality allows their users to save multiple forecasts in order to create budgetary scenarios. These functionalities are very important for US firms in deregulated markets that offer multiple rate packages.

Green Quadrant Building Energy Management Software
March 31, 2014: Verisae is listed among a few of the largest names in the industry (e.g., IBM, Siemens, Schneider Electric, etc.) as a global leader in building energy management software. vx Conserve and vx Maintain are recognized as best-in-class solutions for building maintenance and master data management. Verdantix recommends that Verisae should be included on the shortlists of large grocery stores, heads of energy responsible for setting and allocating budgets, as well as asset intensive retailers in general.



The Gartner CRM Vendor Guide, 2015
Analysts: Jim Davies, Ed Thompson, Kimberly Collins, etc.
March 11, 2015: ViryaNet mentioned amongst big brands such as SAP, Oracle, ServiceMax, ClickSoftware and more, as a vendor for mobile support and end-to-end field service management (FSM).

Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management
Analysts: William McNeill, Michael Maoz, Jason Wong
December 22, 2014: ViryaNet was mentioned for having value and/or unique functionality for their markets. Also recognized as a Verisae company.

Hype Cycle for Sustainability
Analysts: Nagayoshi Nakano, Bettina Tratz-Ryan, Andrew Kim
August 6, 2014: Verisae is mentioned as a sample vender for Facilities Energy Management, CSR reporting and sustainable performance management.

Hype Cycle for Back-Office Analytic Applications
Analysts: Neil Chandler, Gareth Herschel
August 5, 2014: Verisae is mentioned as a sample vender for both sustainable performance management and corporate social responsibility reporting (CSR).

Cycle for Operational Technology
Analyst: Kristian Steenstrup
July 23, 2014: Gartner mentions Verisae on a second occasion for their facilities energy management software offering. Facilities energy management is an area of business sustainability that provides cost and benefit analysis over time and multiple sites.

Hype Cycle for Smart City Technologies and Solutions, 2014
Analysts: Alfonso Velosa, Bettina Tratz-Ryan
July 22, 2014: Gartner notes that Sustainable Performance Management (SPM) offers enterprises the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by increasing efficiencies, improving resource management, and boosting brand image. Verisae, among others, was named as a vendor currently utilizing SPM.

Hype Cycle for the Internet of Things, 2014
Analysts: Hung LeHong, Alfonso Velosa
July 21, 2014: Facilities energy management systems allow businesses to automate processes and provide visibility over building and facility energy performance. By offering a facilities energy management system, Verisae is highlighted as a vendor helping enterprises cut cost and consumption while streamlining building performance.



Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)
February 2015: Another positive mention for Verisae amongst building energy management systems. Last year Verisae was also mentioned as one of the top 5 energy management solutions.

Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Building Energy Management Systems
July 2014: Verisae mentioned as #5 out of the top 10 leading vendors of building energy management systems. Other vendors on the list include Siemens, Schneider Electric, Johnson Controls and IBM (whom we were placed before).



Worldwide Utilities Mobile Field Force Management Software, 2014 Vendor Assessment
July 2014: ViryaNet, a Verisae company, is listed as a sample vendor in study conducted to determine a vendor’s current and future success in the mobile field force management (MFFM). ViyraNet was listed amongst other vendors such as Oracle, SAP, TOA Technologies and many more.