Facility Management

Bring together facilities, assets, workforce, energy and sustainability.

You want peace of mind. But you have a lot of headaches.

You need to ensure assets are working. You need to manage your contractors. You need to comply with regulations. You need to streamline invoicing. You need to know when a warranty applies and when to replace an asset or buy a new asset.

For a proactive approach to uninterrupted operations, you need to monitor assets remotely. As you grow, it’s likely you’ll manage your own workforce. So you’ll need to find the right person to do the work and ensure the technician is there on time. You need to be aware of your energy consumption and track your sustainability initiatives. And you need to achieve all of this cost-effectively.

Without shared data and processes, efficiencies are lost or can’t even be considered. A lack of automated processes drives up costs and too much of your total revenue is spent on maintenance. Without visibility into your service workforce (in-house and outsourced), you can’t maintain service quality.

By bringing together your facilities, assets, workforce, energy management, and sustainability initiatives to support your entire organization, you can reduce the operating costs of service and maintenance as well as deliver sharper insights, smarter decisions, and superior performance.

Big Data, Mobile, and IoT in Predictive Maintenance

These 3 disruptive trends are transformational to the automation of business processes. To conduct an ongoing analysis of your business and improve your operations, your business processes must be evaluated in light of big data, mobile, and IoT.

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