Increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

As the communication landscape evolves, customers expect uninterrupted service and to be returned to full service immediately when something goes wrong. The ability to meet these increasingly stringent demands is key to gaining a competitive edge and retaining your customer base. Within this highly competitive environment service leaders must continue to manage their teams to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

The Verisae Advantage


Provide Better Customer Service

Improve customer retention rate and reduce churn by exceeding customer expectations and delivering on all your commitments.


Best-in-class service providers have 85% SLA compliance rate and higher.

  • Improve appointment scheduling
  • Better forecast service demand
  • Increase SLA compliance

Better Track High-Value Equipment

Company-owned equipment can cost significant dollars as can technicians without proper parts to complete repairs.


Upwards of 5% of inventory is unaccounted for year after year in storage rooms.

  • Assure the right equipment goes with your technicians
  • Don’t lose track of assets at customer locations
  • Improve your parts purchasing process

Increase Service Efficiency

Increasing efficiency of field service teams allows you to provide better service without increasing staff or other expenditures.


38% of organizations say they could save 30 minutes or more of technician time each day for an annual savings of over $800,000 per year.

  • Optimize scheduling to reduce technician downtime
  • Integrate field service management with OSS system
  • Share real-time information about work orders and resources with technicians

Verisae's Solution for Communications

Mobile Workforce Management

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Current Customers include:

Consolidated Communications
XO Communications
Frontier Communications
Orange S.A.