Convenience Store


Keep your critical assets performing.

In an industry where your competition is often across the street, the key to retaining your customers is to provide the best service. You need to reduce downtime on assets – fuel pumps, car washes, lighting, HVAC, refrigeration – while lowering the total cost of ownership on those assets.

With Verisae, you use one software platform for work order management, compliance, parts and inventory, and alarms management, so you can prioritize your work.

The Verisae Advantage


Better Manage Maintenance Process

Maintenance of equipment is long-standing process. Taking care of your equipment saves you money year over year.


Best-in-class companies have an unscheduled asset downtime of 4.30% and lower.

  • Better manage asset repairs
  • Manage equipment warranties
  • Optimize service provider network

Improve Asset Management

Equipment failure can lead to lost merchandise and revenue. Monitoring assets saves money on food loss and lost revenue opportunity.


Asset monitoring predicts failures upwards of three days before asset failure.

  • Improve repair or replace decisions
  • Improve equipment efficiency
  • Increase equipment availability

Provide the Best Customer Experience

Keep customers happy by better managing store upkeep and allowing your employees to focus on customer service instead of equipment failures.


Loyal customers on average spend 33% more than new customers.

  • Better manage store upkeep
  • Maintain consistent food quality
  • Allow employees to focus on customer service

Verisae's Solutions for Convenience Stores

Alarms Management
Facility Management
Mobile Workforce Management

For more information on our solutions for Convenience Stores, talk to Verisae.

Current Customers include:

Holiday Station Stores
One Stop