Service Companies

Lower costs and higher customer satisfaction aren’t mutually exclusive.

When service is your business you work hard to keep your customers satisfied. Companies with superior service operations have greater customer loyalty, which correlates with sustained growth. However, you must also manage your service team to meet expense, revenue and profit targets.

The Verisae Advantage


Enhance Customer Experience

Respond to customer issues faster, improve information access, increase customer satisfaction and new promoter scores.


Top-performing companies have a SLA compliance rate of 85% or higher.

  • Decrease meantime to repair
  • Improve first-time fix rate
  • Increase SLA compliance

Better Manage Workforce

Optimize field schedules based on your corporate goals and reduce technician travel and downtime.


Best-in-class companies have a workforce utilization rate of 81% or higher.

  • Decrease technician travel and idle time
  • Dispatch personnel with right skills and right parts
  • Reduce unnecessary unbilled service calls

Improve Company Financial Performance

Enhance visibility of employee, contract, and asset performance to increase revenues and save money.


Top-performing companies show a 14% increase in return on assets over the corporate plan.

  • Better manage hybrid workforce
  • Avoid contract leakage
  • Shorten quote to cash cycle

Verisae's Solutions for Service Companies

Alarms Management
Mobile Workforce Management

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Current Customers include:

Petrotec UK Limited
Performance Air Cooling Inc.