Specialty Retail


Let your employees focus on customers, not on maintenance.

When your team has to focus on store upkeep instead of sales and customer satisfaction, you are at a disadvantage in the competitive retail market. When your store atmosphere is optimal, your customers are more inclined to make in-store purchases instead of buying from competitors or shopping online.

The Verisae Advantage


Better Manage Maintenance Process

Manage work orders, preventative maintenance, inspections and compliance, and vendors in a single place.


Management of store staff costs can yield savings of 10 percentage points of sales.

  • Decrease time to repair
  • Better understand repair or replace choices
  • Increase asset uptime

Monitor Asset Performance

Keep critical assets functioning during periods of high traffic and increase sales.


Asset monitoring predicts failures upwards of three days before asset failure.

  • Improve repair or replace decisions
  • Improve equipment efficiency
  • Predict equipment failure

Provide the Best Customer Experience

Keep customers happy by better managing store upkeep and allowing your employees to focus on customer service instead of maintenance.


Customers are 10% more likely to make an unintended purchase after an extended stay in a store.

  • Better manage store upkeep
  • Maximize customer comfort while managing utility spend
  • Allow employees to focus on customer service

Verisae's Solutions for Specialty Retail

Facility Management
Mobile Workforce Management
Alarms Management

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Current Customers include:

BJs Wholesale Club
John Lewis Partnership
A.C. Moore