Internet of Things

Gain the visibility to predict failures.

The Internet of Things isn’t just about collecting data. It’s about what you can do with the data and how much you can automate the analysis of the data. The ongoing monitoring and analysis of data provides visibility to the operational availability of your assets and any impact to productivity, efficiency, and sales.

The Internet of Things revolution is changing the way you handle service and maintenance processes. The ability to use remote data to deliver resolution, improve customer interactions, and increase revenue opportunities is becoming a best-in-class differentiator. For the best-in-class, 53% of serviceable equipment in the field (vs. 37% industry average) is collecting and reporting data for the purposes of asset management, tracking, service, and maintenance.

The backend capacity to handle the volume of data processing for a number of data points is significant to you. For example, Verisae’s solution processes 50,000 alarms per day.

By remotely monitoring assets and using sophisticated analysis tools, you can know more about failures as they happen, predict failures (even fixing assets before they break), provide information to field service technicians (so they’re better prepared or to resolve issues remotely), and ensure that field service execution has been completed successfully.

IoT Establishes a New Normal in Service – Real-World Examples of IoT-Powered Field Service

Whether alarm filtering, predicting equipment failure, user experience, or continuous improvement, there are already real-world examples of IoT-powered field service where the rubber meets the road.

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