Internet of Things Partners

Connecting Internet of Things capabilities with the Verisae solution.

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Refrigeration systems, HVAC/R equipment, lighting and food production equipment were once pure cost centers. These systems have evolved into data resource centers with collected business intelligence. Now, equipment can be utilized to provide a constant data stream of performance, energy consumption, fault and error codes, and other types of telemetry data.

By 2020, the Internet of Things is predicted to become an industry in its own right – worth an estimated $950 billion (£570 billon). Are you ready?

You have alarms to monitor refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, and critical equipment. But on its own, an alarm isn’t enough. You need to do something about it. Connecting the capabilities of the Internet of Things with the Verisae solution is all about finding actionable issues and automating workflow as events occur.


Refrigeration and HVAC Controls

rdm-logoResource Data Management (RDM) delivers end-to-end advanced control solutions for all retail environments. Their solutions reduce operating costs, increase profitability, and enhance the customer experience. Verisae integrates with RDM’s full line of refrigeration, HVAC, and energy controls.


danfoss-logoDanfoss is a global manufacturer of refrigeration, HVAC and other equipment and control systems. Verisae integrates with Danfoss AK255 and AK355 controllers.



carel-logoCarel produces refrigeration, HVAC, humidifiers and other equipment and control systems. Verisae integrates with Carel refrigeration controls. 


rcs-logoRCS Energy Management is an innovative and independent British technology company, specializing in the research, development, production and support of leading-edge controller, monitoring and systems management technologies for environmental control in the food retail, cold room, and medical sectors. Verisae integrates with RCS refrigeration controls.


ke2-therm-logoKE2 Therm Solutions specializes in energy-saving electronic controllers for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Verisae integrates with KE2 walk-in cooler and freezer controls.


urjanet-logoUrjanet's cloud-based platform seamlessly extracts and normalizes disparate utility bill and interval data directly from the source, and delivers it into the business systems and products that rely on it. Verisae is part of Urjanet's network of international energy and sustainability partners.


HVAC and Lighting Controls

siemens-logoSiemens is a global company that produces equipment and control systems for the energy, healthcare, retail, and other markets. Verisae integrates with Siemens EcoView™ control system.


Submetering Equipment for Energy Monitoring

egauge-logoeGauge Systems is a leading provider of affordable commercial, residential, and renewable energy monitoring solutions. Verisae integrates with eGauge metering and submetering equipment.


Broadband Communications

verizon-logoVerizon leads the way in secure cloud computing, machine-to-machine communication, and robust omnichannel experiences. Verizon broadband wireless communicates directly with Verisae’s data center via installed devices.


Affordable Monitoring Capability

nimbelink-logoNimbeLink specializes in the design and implementation of flexible cellular modems and application-specific communication gateway systems. Verisae integrates with NimbeLink’s affordable monitoring devices for refrigeration, HVAC, doors, and more.


Lighting Controls

dimonoff-logoDimOnOff develops and manufactures remote management systems to control, monitor, and meter light fixtures of all types for the municipal and commercial markets. Verisae integrates with DimOnOff lighting control systems.