The Verisae Platform

The security of a reliable platform.

You already know a lot about SaaS. Faster implementation time. Reduced deployment cost. But you also want the security of a reliable platform, an efficient way to access your data, and the ability to integrate with other systems.

vx Connect, Verisae’s cloud-based, integrated platform, provides superior uptime. vx Connect operates in 29 languages in all time zones simultaneously and utilizes a single database with an enterprise-class reporting tool that can incorporate industry-standard metrics.

We also realize that we’re not the center of your universe for everything. So we play well with others. vx Connect allows third parties to send data to our system for processing and usage. We use open APIs, XML, and Web services to integrate with other systems. And we’re motivated to keep building more.


  • Equipment alarms data
  • Telemetry and meter data
  • Device controller IDs and attribution
  • Site meter data logs
  • Customer data (e.g., contractors, asset types, categories)
  • Work order lifecycle actions and data
  • External equipment lists
  • Accounts payable invoices, including parts and inventory transactions
  • Refrigeration usage events
  • Site refrigeration system data
  • Weather data
  • Utility usage entries
  • Utility bill data

Data Center Capabilities

  • 24x7x365 secured monitored access
  • Biometric encoded access
  • Digital Video Surveillance System
  • Dual electrical feeds
  • Dual uninterruptible power supplies
  • Dual backup generators
  • Dual air conditioning systems
  • Dual humidity control
  • Redundant zoned fire suppression
  • Redundant Internet connectivity
  • Fully redundant load balanced architecture

Application Statistics

  • Active Sites: 40,000
  • Active Users: 185,000
  • Service Providers: 21,000
  • Alarms Processed Per Day: 50,000
  • Monitored Fixtures: 1,800,000
  • Work Orders: 425,000,000
  • Telemetry Entries: 33,000,000,000


Alarms Management: The Future Is Now

Automating maintenance, energy and alarms management for smarter decisions, lower costs and competitive advantage.

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